Company History

Hemet Valley Pipe and Supply was founded by Bonny Holt and has been a family owned and operated business for over 3 decades. The company sells a wide array of wholesale plumbing products and fixtures, pipe, water heaters, septic systems and more; if water flows through it we have it. Because we insist that each staff member becomes thoroughly knowledgeable about our product offerings, we are adept at finding our customers exactly what they need. We’ve supplied area businesses, contractors, and residents with decades’ worth of excellent customer care and high-quality products. Our customers are the reason we are in business and that knowledge is a cornerstone of our operation. If we don’t have the piece you need, we’ll do our best to order it ASAP.

One of the great things we learned as a company when we started in 1978 is how important the “personal touch” is when conducting business with clients and customers. Even though so much business is conducted online or via the phone today, that personal touch is more important than ever. Our staff will never leave you hanging; if you call with a question, we’ll get back to you with the answer you need.

In addition, we stock a comprehensive inventory of pipe and plumbing products to provide our customers with the efficient service and excellent-quality products they depend on. We look forward to supplying all of your pipe and plumbing needs.

Hemet Valley Pipe and Supply appreciates being a long-lasting local company and finds great importance in supporting local businesses and schools. We also find great benefit in supporting Hemet High School, San Jacinto High School, and West Valley High School. We also value and support Diabetes Camping and Education Services.

David Holt

David Holt is the owner and president of Hemet Valley Pipe & Supply. Over 35 years of experience with the company, Mr. Holt has helped to shape the company’s customer-oriented values and commitment to providing personalized service. Although Mr. Holt has decades of sophisticated business know-how, he prides himself and his company for their non-corporate attitude; his is a people-friendly company, and that essential value has driven his Hemet Valley Pipe & Supply’s success.

Heriberto “Eddie” Perez

Eddie Perez is the bilingual Warehouse and Inside Sales Representative for Hemet Valley Pipe and Supply. Having worked for the company for ten years, Mr. Perez embodies the company’s mission to put customers first. If you have questions about products or require more extensive information about products you are interested in, you can contact Mr. Perez for assistance.

Shane Holt

Shane Holt is an inside sales representative for Hemet Valley Pipe & Supply. He has ten years’ experience with the company and provides daily assistance and expertise for customers in search of the high-quality products that Hemet offers. Mr. Holt enjoys being an instrumental part of the family-owned business and working with both his colleagues and customers.

Michael Farmer

Michael Farmer is a customer representative who works at the company’s counter and in its warehouse. Mr. Farmer has ten years’ experience working for the company in various capacities and enjoys its family atmosphere that extends to employees and customers. He also enjoys helping customers in any way he can.


Raul Alfaro

Raul Alfaro is the newest bilingual member of Hemet Valley Pipe & Supply and is part of our counter and warehouse team. Mr. Alfaro takes great pride in his work and is looking forward to learning all he can about the plumbing industry which in turn he will be able to pass that knowledge onto our customers.

Kenneth Myers

Kenneth Myers has been a driver for Hemet Valley Pipe & Supply for 15 years. Like Hemet’s other employees, Mr. Myers greatly values the company’s family-oriented values and immensly enjoys driving and meeting with the company’s customers. Providing honest, dependable service is a cornerstone of his tenure with the company.


Debbie Schroder

Debbie Schroder has worked for Hemet Valley Pipe & Supply for thirty years in its clerical department. During her tenure with the company, Ms. Schroder has been involved in sales, purchasing, pricing, and providing quotes. As a family-oriented person herself, Ms. Schroder enjoys working in this family-operated company and providing great customer service day in and day out.

Lorraine Graves

Lorraine Graves has served as Hemet Valley Pipe & Supply’s secretary for the past ten years. She oversees accounts payable, receivables, and pricing. As a people person, Ms. Graves enjoys serving her customers with unstinting customer care. She loves the company’s familial atmosphere and acknowledges that it’s one of the reasons Hemet retains its employees who share the company’s people-first values.